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Jim Isabella


Feb 22, 2018 -- 11:14am

    Yes, you're only "The New Guys" once, and that time is Thursday night as the Cavs host Washington.  The names will become familiar, if they're not already: Nance, Hill, Hood and Clarkson.  Sounds like a law firm.  The Cavs are 2-0 with these players, but it's their first game at the Q.  Lebron is rejuvenated, despite playing in every game this AND 31 minutes in the All-Star Game.  Things should go swimmingly for now, but there will be bumps in the road...there always are.  Other teams will get more film, and gameplan against what Cleveland is doing on the floor.  A lot of NBA coaching is adjustments, after all.  BTW don't for get Kevin Love is coming back in March.  8 pm, TNT