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Aug 16, 2018 -- 10:48am

    When I was growing up, a looong time ago, the Reds were a baseball power, and the Indians were usually terrible.  How times have changed.  Now tthe Tribe has won the Ohio Cup a third straight time, outscoring Cincinnati 22-7 in a three-game sweep.  But more than that.  The Indians have six all-stars, great starting pitching and an improving bullpen.  The Reds hit homers, the ball flies out of Great American Ball Park.  But their pitching is attrocious, the team has given up, and attendance is plummeting.  Plus you're in Cincinnati, a dying city more Kentucky than cosmopolitan.  The Reds have won a World Series since the Indians, but that was 28 years ago.  The mood is bad, and getting worse, down there.  Awww.