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Club Loses License after Mass Shooting

Mar 27, 2017 -- 5:31pm


The Cincinnati nightclub where a shoot-out left one man dead and 17 others wounded will lose its liquor license and will remain closed until further notice. City officials announced on Monday that the Cameo Club will be locked tight until police complete their investigation into the shooting that happened early Sunday morning. State Liquor Control agents reported finding marijuana in plain view in the aftermath of the incident and partially-smoked joints in an employee-only section, Two people remained in critical and three in serious condition at area hospitals with bullet wounds. The suspects involved were still at large as of Monday evening.



Area Man gets Life for Raping Bed-Ridden Woman

Mar 27, 2017 -- 3:42pm


His victim was a 60-year-old woman with Multiple Sclerosis who couldn't get out of bed – let alone defend herself. On Monday, 24-year-old Maurice Johnson was sent to prison on a life term with a chance of parole after 10 years after pleading guilty last month in Cuyahoga County Court to rape and kidnapping charges. Last November 27, Johnson made his way into the victim's room and placed his hand over her mouth so she couldn't yell for help as she was being attacked. Johnson has a penchant for sex assaults – having been convicted as a teenager for attacking a young girl.



Governor wants State Control of Business-Profits Taxes

Mar 27, 2017 -- 3:01pm


Governor Kasich is maneuvering toward an effort that would allow the state of Ohio to take control of collecting municipal business-profits taxes. The Ohio Department of Taxation claims that business taxpayers would save 800-Million dollars in compliance costs under the Governor's proposed municipal income tax reform proposal, being touted as a “streamlining” of the process. Members of the Ohio Municipal League are against the idea and see it more as a power-grab for one of the largest revenue sources that Ohio municipalities can still control.



Burglar Caught in the Act

Mar 27, 2017 -- 2:44pm


One person who burglarized a building on Akron's west side was caught in the act. Police cruising the 1000 block of West Market Street shortly after 3:00AM Monday noticed a broken window went inside and found the intruder hiding in an upstairs closet, carrying a wrench and a flashlight. 18-year-old Dre-Shawn Taylor of Bloomfield Avenue was booked on a list of charges and reportedly lied about his identity when questioned on the scene. He's in the Summit County Jail.



Akron Church Burglarized

Mar 27, 2017 -- 2:43pm


Police detectives in Akron are on the hunt for two suspect who stole items during the burglary of a church. Police say the thieves made their way into the Church of the Nazarene in the 1000 block of Triplett Boulevard sometime between 9:30 and 10:30PM Saturday. Melting a plastic window pane, they reached through the hole to unlock the window and gain entry. Once inside, a television and Blue-Ray player were stolen from the church. The suspects were two males – one black, one white.



Man Robbed in Roadside Set-Up

Mar 27, 2017 -- 2:42pm


In what appears to have been a set-up, a man was robbed after he stopped to check under his car after running something over in the street. Akron Police say the 23-year-old man pulled-over in the 500 block of East North Street around 8:00PM Saturday and after getting out, four suspects approached him. One of them had a gun as the suspects demanded the driver's cell phone and money. Others went through the victim's car to steal a check and a pair of shoes before all four of them fled the scene. Police described the suspects as four young black males.



Suspect Wanted after Stabbing Incident

Mar 27, 2017 -- 2:41pm


A stabbing victim is recovering from a knife wound while police continue their search for the assailant in an incident sparked by an argument over loud music. Akron Police responding to a call shortly before 7:00 Friday night rolled-up to the 1600 block of Brittain Road, where the 54-year-old victim was treated on the scene by paramedics for a cut to his lower back. He told officers that he had gone to the balcony of his apartment to yell at the neighbor above him to turn-down the racket. Moments later, he answered the pounding on his door and a man came-in yelling at the victim before stabbing him with a hunting knife and threatening to kill him. Police are looking for a black male around 55 years old, five-feet-nine and 200 pounds.



Man gets 20-Plus More Years for Chase

Mar 27, 2017 -- 2:40pm


Already serving time in the Penitentiary on related Federal convictions, a native of Puerto Rico has seen a Mahoning County Court judge add 20 and a half years to his time behind bars for his crimes. 30-year-old Luis Ramos had already been handed a 21-and-a-half year sentence in Federal Court and will have to complete that term before he begins serving time on the county conviction. Last week, he copped the plea to a total of 13 counts – including 10 charges of felonious assault against law enforcement officers. Ramos was captured April 1 last year, ending a manhunt that began the previous day. US Marshals approached him near Erie Street and Maywood Drive, where Ramos drew his handgun – drawing fire from authorities that caught him in the leg. He managed to elude police and fired shots during a high-speed chase from Campbell to Youngstown. He was wanted on sex-crime charges in Puerto Rico involving the assault of a 14-year-old girl.



Man Beaten, Robbed on Playground

Mar 27, 2017 -- 2:39pm


Two suspects are being sought after a man was attacked and robbed on a school playground. Akron Police say the 29-year-old victim told officers he was walking through the playground at Mason Elementary School on East Exchange Street shortly after 10:00PM Friday, when he was approached by a man asking for a cigarette. The assailant then pulled a handgun and demanded money, ordering the victim to turn-around before he was pistol-whipped and knocked to the ground. A second suspect showed-up and both began going through the victim's backpack before they fled the scene. Police are looking for one black male and one white male suspect.



Tallmadge Officers getting Body Cameras

Mar 27, 2017 -- 2:38pm


Police officers in the city of Tallmadge will become the latest to include body cameras as part of their standard-issue uniforms. The department is in the process of installing the needed computer software to augment dashboard cameras with those worn on officers' bodies. All 15 Tallmadge patrol officers, the school resource officer and detectives will be outfitted with the devices that the police department received last year. The Police Chief says the cameras will be activated whenever officers encounter a citizen in circumstances they believe may lead to law enforcement action.



Man Shot, Killed in Akron

Mar 27, 2017 -- 2:37pm


Akron Police detectives are investigating a shooting incident that claimed a man's life over the weekend. The incident happened at the victim's home located along Richmond Street on the city's east side, where police were called after a relative arrived around 7:00AM Saturday to find 28-year-old Vance Davis Jr suffering a bullet wound to the chest. The Summit County Medical Examiner's office reports that Davis was pronounced dead at the scene. No suspect or motive for the crime was immediately determined.



Court: No Liability for Indians

Mar 27, 2017 -- 2:36pm


The Cleveland Indians are off the hook in a liability lawsuit that was filed against the team by a New York State man, who was left blind in one eye when he was hit by a foul ball during a game in July 2012. A jury that heard the case determined that Keith Rawlins of Rochester was not entitled to compensation from the team, although his lawyer had argued in court that Rawlins was distracted from action on the field when stadium personnel forced him to relocate his seat in preparation for a post-game fireworks display. An attorney representing the team said the case could have had wide-ranging implications for ballparks and other teams around the US.



Two Arrested for Theft from Grocery Store

Mar 27, 2017 -- 2:36pm


Two people are in custody after one of them reportedly tried to make-off with a cart full of food from an area grocery store. The Summit County Sheriff's office reported on Monday that 31-year-old Jeffrey Higgins of Alliance and 27-year-old Brittany Varnes of Lake Township were tracked-down to a home in Akron following the incident, which happened around 6:40 Sunday night at the Acme store in the 3200 block of Manchester Road in Coventry Township. The Sheriff's office says two loss-prevention employees confronted Higgins as he rolled the cart out of the store and a confrontation followed, during which the suspect dropped a hat, cell phone and watch before getting into a car driven by a woman, fleeing the scene and leaving the stolen goods behind. Both were booked into Summit County Jail with Higgins facing a robbery charge and Varnes hit with a count of complicity.



Three Killed in Crash

Mar 27, 2017 -- 2:35pm


For the second time in a week, people have died in an alcohol-related crash in a town near Toledo. The State Highway Patrol reports three people were killed in the latest incident, which happened early Sunday morning in Jerusalem Township. The driver of a van ran a stop sign, then collided with a car in a wreck that killed three people inside the car. The dead were identified as Robin and Barbara Shellhammer, both 60 years old from Oregon, and 33-year-old Whitney Meinke of Curtice. Three men died in a crash in the same town last week when a driver ran through a stop sign, went off the road and hit a tree. The Patrol says it appears alcohol was a factor in both incidents.



Former Deputy Pleads Guilty

Mar 27, 2017 -- 2:33pm


A former Sheriff's deputy in the area has copped a guilty plea to charges involving the sex-assault of a female inmate at the Wayne County Jail. 30-year-old Kenneth Linz II of Wooster took a deal with prosecutors that saw him plead guilty to aggravated assault charges. He was originally indicted last September on sexual battery charges in connection with his reported sexual encounter with the inmate in 2015. Linz returns to Wayne County Court for sentencing on April 25.



Pedestrian Struck, Killed Identified

Mar 27, 2017 -- 2:32pm


A pedestrian lost his life when he was hit by a passing car over the weekend in Canton. Police said the incident happened a short time before 10:00PM Saturday at the intersection of West Tuscarawas Street and Aultman Avenue, where 54-year-old James Ward was using a walker while traveling south along Tusc and hit in the intersection. Police say that Ward, who was dressed in dark clothing at the time, died on the scene while the driver of the car wasn't hurt. Alcohol use was an apparent factor in the incident.



Suspects Hunted after Nightclub Shooting

Mar 27, 2017 -- 2:31pm


Police in Cincinnati on Monday were still searching for at least two suspects after a weekend shooting that killed one man and wounded 16 other people. Police say that despite metal detectors at the entrances to the club, several people were packing heat when a fight broke-out early Sunday morning as around 200 people were inside. Killed in the gunfire was 27-year-old O'Bryan Spikes, while two other victims were listed in critical condition and three were serious at area hospitals. Witnesses told police on the scene that as many as 20 rounds were fired during an exchange of gunshots.



Kidnapping Trial Begins

Mar 27, 2017 -- 2:30pm


The kidnapping trial for an Akron man was due to get started on Monday in Medina County Court. 37-year-old William Roberts of Crosier Street, a registered sex offender, is up on two counts after allegedly taking his 15-year-old daughter from Brunswick High School. Roberts and 41-year-old co-defendant Jennifer Meyer of Mantua allegedly conspired together on a plan to lure the victim through a Facebook post on September 12, reportedly sent by Meyer. Once the girl failed to arrive home from school, her foster mother placed a call to police to help locate the missing teen. Meyer's trial is slated for May 1 after pleaded not guilty to complicity charges.



Area Couple Charged with Pushing Pot

Mar 27, 2017 -- 2:29pm


Felony counts of marijuana trafficking have been leveled against a Rootstown couple, accused of selling marijuana with children nearby. In addition to the drug charges, 36-year-old Julie Moore and 31-year-old Seth Powers were hit with multiple child endangering counts. Investigators alleged that the couple had marijuana in their possession which they had been dealing in the presence of three children...a 12-year-old girl and two 11-year-olds, a boy and girl. Both of the accused were kicked-loose from the Portage County lock-up on bond to await their court dates.



Fire Union Treasurer Charged with Theft

Mar 27, 2017 -- 2:27pm


After learning he was accused of stealing Thousands of dollars from the organization, the Treasure of Akron Firefighters Union Local 330 was arrested in Charlotte, North Carolina. Akron Police confirmed on Monday that 40-year-old Joe Ruhlin had left a suicide note at his home before leaving town, apparently on his way to Florida. The Union President says that it's unknown how much money had been stolen, but the total may be as high as 100-Thousand dollars. The investigation is in its early stages and Ruhlin was due in Mecklenburg County Court for an extradition hearing on Monday.



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