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Doctor's License Revoked

May 28, 2015 -- 5:18pm

The State Medical Board on Thursday permanently revoked the license of former doctor James Bressi of Hudson, following his conviction on a sexual imposition charge involving a patient at a Stow pain management clinic. Bressi initially saw his medical license temporarily suspended after he was charged with a total of 27 counts after patients accused him of sexual harassment and other misconduct when they visited his office.



Woman Indicted in Stabbing Death

May 28, 2015 -- 4:01pm

A Grand Jury in Mahoning County has returned an indictment on multiple counts against Youngstown woman in the stabbing death of her boyfriend earlier this month. 19-year-old Autumn Hines is charged with two counts of murder and one count each of felonious assault and voluntary manslaughter. The charges stem from the incident that happened shortly before Midnight, May 18 in the 1400 block of Maplewood Lane, where 23-year-old Rashad Bailey was found lying on the ground with a stab wound to the chest. He died a short time later at an area hospital. Hines told officers on the scene that she stabbed the man after he punched her in the face.



Girls Plead Guilty in Assault on Autistic Child

May 28, 2015 -- 3:48pm

A pair of 12-year-old girls appeared in Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court this week, pleading guilty to charges they assaulted an 11-year-old girl with autism last month. Both copped pleas to charges of abduction, rioting and assault in connection with the incident that happened at a CMHA housing complex on April 25. They'll return for sentencing on June 10. Meanwhile, a 30-year-old Cleveland woman who was arrested for allegedly urging the girls to mount the attack has seen her case referred to a Grand Jury.



Two Plead Guilty, Accept Alternative Sentencing

May 28, 2015 -- 3:44pm

A Lake County judge gave a pair of lawbreakers some unique alternatives to jail time following their guilty pleas in separate cases on Thursday. One woman who pleaded guilty to an assault charge was given a choice of 30 days in jail or a shot of pepper spray delivered by her victim. She chose the pepper spray and three days of community service and, by the way, the court didn't tell her they were using a water-based, harmless liquid before the punishment was doled-out. Another woman who pleaded guilty to a theft charge for stiffing a cabbie was given a choice of 60 days in jail or walking 30 miles within 48 hours. She chose taking the walk, which she will complete at the Lake County Fairgrounds. She'll also have to fork-over 100 dollars to the cab driver.



Guilty Plea in Waste Water Dump

May 28, 2015 -- 3:01pm

Operators of a Youngstown-area drilling company pleaded guilty in Cleveland Federal Court on Thursday to charges of violating the Clean Water Act. Hardrock Excavating, LLC of Poland, Ohio had been accused of dumping waste water from oil and gas-drilling operations into storm sewers on 33 occasions between October 2012 and January the following year. The firm was fined 75-Thousand dollars and ordered to pay another 25-Thousand to be split among a pair of local environmental groups. Company owner Ben Lupo pleaded guilty in March last year to Federal charges and was sentenced last August to 28 months in prison.



Officer Opens Fire on Shotgun-Toting Suspect

May 28, 2015 -- 2:36pm

Authorities in Warren have placed a police officer on administrative leave while an investigation is conducted into a late-night shooting incident on Wednesday. A woman had called for an ambulance after her daughter was allegedly beaten by her boyfriend shortly before Midnight at a home on Harrison Road NE. The suspect had returned by the time the medics arrived and when the officer rolled-up, 45-year-old Randall Bryant reportedly came outside holding a shotgun. He was shot after refusing several orders to drop the weapon and was listed in critical condition at St Elizabeth Hospital on Thursday. The Chief of Police said Thursday that Bryant is a convicted felon with a history of violence.



Super Kids Roll on Saturday

May 28, 2015 -- 1:34pm

The Greater Ohio Super Kids Classic happens this Saturday morning at Akron's historic Derby Downs. This year's event marks the 34th running of the race for physically and mentally-challenged kids who otherwise would not be able to participate in a traditional derby event. The race features special-built cars to accommodate the needs of the kids, who are joined by “co-pilots” who control the racers in head-to-head, double-elimination competition. The winners advance to this year's 13th annual National Super Kids Classic, part of the week's on-track activities in the FirstEnergy All-American Soap Box Derby. Saturday's event begins with opening ceremonies at 10:00AM.



Robber Sentenced to Prison

May 28, 2015 -- 1:33pm

A man convicted on charges in connection with a pair of robberies last year was sentenced to nine years in prison on Thursday in Mahoning County Court. 29-year-old Lesaun Edge of Niles was previously convicted on two aggravated robbery charges with firearm specifications. Edge had held-up an Austintown motel and later a Cashland store in Youngstown. When police pulled him over last August, money bags from the Cashland hold-up were found in his vehicle...along with the GPS device that was tossed-in with the loot to help lead police to his location. Two baseball bats and a nine-millimeter handgun were also confiscated during the stop.



Accused Scout Leader Found Dead

May 28, 2015 -- 1:32pm

A former Boy Scout Troop leader who was under investigation on sex-related charges apparently took his own life. Hikers in Tuscarawas County on Tuesday afternoon discovered the body of 58-year-old Scott Rickenbrode of Bolivar. The Sheriff's office says he died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. A handgun was found near his body in a wilderness area located off Kaylor Road in Wayne Township. Detectives last Friday had executed a search warrant at the man's home as part of an investigation into his alleged sexual contact with a teenage Scout in the 1990's. The crimes allegedly happened at Rickenbrode's home.



Re-Trial Begins for Convicted Killer

May 28, 2015 -- 1:32pm

An Akron man previously convicted in the murders of four people near Chapel Hill Mall in 2013 saw his re-trial begin in Summit County Court on Thursday. 23-year-old Deshanon Haywood's conviction was vacated when his defense attorneys raised claims of misconduct on the part of the prosecution and testimony involving a pair of witnesses who took the stand. As a result, a special team of prosecutors from Cuyahoga County were brought-in to work the re-trial. Haywood faces a possible death sentence if convicted as charged in the April 18, 2013 execution-style murders of Kem Delaney, Ronald Roberts, Maria Nash and Kiana Welch. Their bodies were found in the basement of a townhouse on Kimlyn Circle. Co-defendant Derrick Brantley has already been sent to prison for life for his role in the drug-related slayings that happened during a robbery.



Store Owner Sentenced after Fraud Conviction

May 28, 2015 -- 1:31pm

The owner of a neighborhood store in Akron who was convicted on food stamp fraud charges last week was sentenced to prison and ordered to pay restitution during a Summit County Court hearing on Thursday. A jury deliberated about four hours before convicting 45-year-old Johnnie Byrd III of Frederick Boulevard, the owner of a small store on Andrus Street. He was found guilty of making-off with over a Million dollars by cashing-in SNAP cards for some customers, then splitting the money with them and allowing them to buy unapproved items from the shelves. Byrd was sent to prison for nine years and ordered to re-pay the State of Ohio nearly 774-Thousand dollars' restitution. The jury convicted him last Thursday on charges of grand theft, money laundering, telecommunications fraud and illegal use of food stamps under state racketeering laws.



Guilty Plea in Long-Standing Sex Assault Case

May 28, 2015 -- 1:30pm

A Ravenna Township man has copped a guilty plea in Portage County Court to charges stemming from a sexual assault case that dates back more than 16 years. 30-year-old Joshua Kandes of Summit Road was 14 years old when he sexually attacked a nine-year-old girl on at least five occasions between October 1998 and September the following year. Kandes recently pleaded guilty to a pair of gross sexual imposition charges in a deal with prosecutors that saw more serious rape charges against him dismissed. He returns to court for sentencing at a later date.



Months after Murder, No Indictment

May 28, 2015 -- 1:30pm

It’s been months since an Akron shop owner was found dead inside his home on East Exchange Street and yet, the man arrested for the crime still hasn’t been indicted. Authorities investigating the January 5 murder of 54-year-old Patrick Feeney say they’re still gathering evidence against the accused while 23-year-old Akeeme Hayes of Akron remains behind bars in the Belmont Correctional Institution on a previous drug-trafficking conviction. Since he’s already locked-away, investigators say there’s no need to rush toward an indictment in the murder case and it gives authorities more time to build the evidence against him. Investigators say they also believe someone else was involved in the slaying. Feeney’s body was found in the living area of his home on East Exchange Street, where he operated a sports collectibles business. Detectives are still asking the public for information on the case. Call APD at 330-375-2490 if you have any tips.



Teen Charged after Giving-Away Cash

May 28, 2015 -- 1:29pm

A teenage boy accused of stealing cash from his grandfather and giving it away to friends has been charged with theft from the elderly. The 14-year-old reportedly ripped-off 25-Thousand dollars during a visit to his grandfather’s home last month, then began handing-out hundred-dollar bills to friends and classmates at Claggett Middle School. Another teenager who was reportedly handed a wad of bills by the boy has also been charged with receiving stolen property. That kid allegedly gave the cash to his grandparents, who took both boys to a store for a shopping spree. The case remains under investigation and there’s no word if any adults will be charged as a result.



Business Destroyed in Fire

May 28, 2015 -- 1:28pm

The cause remains under investigation after a Munroe Falls Business was completely destroyed when flames swept through it late Wednesday night. Munroe Falls Fire crews and firefighters from three neighboring departments were called to Cornerstone Market at the corner of State Route 91 and Northmoreland Avenue just after 10:00PM, where flames were found coming from the front garage doors of the structure on arrival. The flames quickly broke through the roof of the 54-hundred square foot building before it collapsed. The structure and its contents were listed a total loss and damage estimates were still being compiled on Thursday. No injuries were reported.



Teen Girl Charged in Fatal House Fire

May 28, 2015 -- 1:27pm

A 17-year-old Toledo girl was arrested this week, charged with aggravated murder in a fatal house fire that happened on the city’s east side. The girl was charged following an investigation into the May 2 fire in the 200 block of Willard Street that took the life of 14-year-old Joe Fazenbaker and left his 13-year-old step-brother, Michael Rheinbolt, seriously injured. Fire investigators say there were no smoke detectors inside the home when the blaze began on the front porch. The autopsy report indicates the boy died as a result of smoke inhalation but authorities are not commenting any further as the investigation continues. Relatives of the girl who was charged claim she was home on the night of the blaze.



Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse

May 28, 2015 -- 1:27pm

Maybe the cow knew what was about to happen. Authorities in Cincinnati say a beefy bovine managed to break-away from Tri-State Beef Company’s slaughterhouse on Wednesday and bolt for freedom. It wasn’t long, however, before a worker caught-up to the cow as it meandered through traffic on a nearby road. The animal decided it would not go quietly into that dark night, engaging in one final act of defiance as it charged at the worker before being shot twice with a rifle.



Dog Owners Sentenced for Neighbor’s Death

May 28, 2015 -- 1:26pm

A Dayton couple whose dogs mauled a neighbor to death will serve jail time and perform hundreds of hours of community service. 30-year-old Andrew Nason and 27-year-old Julie Custer were back in Municipal Court this week after both pleaded no contest and were found guilty on charges of failure to control their dogs. The case stems from the February 7 incident last year, in which 57-year-old Klonda Richey was attacked in her own driveway by the dogs, which were then shot to death by officers when they arrived on the scene. Nason got 150 days in jail, 500 hours of community service and a 500-dollar fine. Custer was handed 90 days behind bars, 480 hours’ community service and a 200-dollar fine. Meanwhile, a wrongful death suit against the dog owners is set to go to trial in August.



Trial Looms after Threat to House Speaker

May 28, 2015 -- 1:26pm

A man who allegedly threatened to kill House Speaker John Boehner will see his trial begin June 30 in Cincinnati Federal Court. Michael Hoyt of Deer Park has undergone a mental competency evaluation and has been found fit to stand trial. Court documents indicate that Hoyt has a history of mental illness. The man who worked as a bartender at a Cincinnati-area country club where Boehner’s a member had reportedly threatened to kill the lawmaker either by shooting him or poisoning his drink. His lawyer has already said the defense will insist that Hoyt was insane at the time of the threat.



New Trial Date Set for Accused OH Terrorist

May 28, 2015 -- 1:25pm

The trial of a Columbus man accused of receiving terrorism training overseas and plotting attacks in the US has been moved to October 5 by a Federal judge. Both prosecutors and defense attorneys recently told the judge they need more time to prepare due to the large amount of evidence that was shared in the discovery process. 23-year-old Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud is charged with supporting terrorism, supporting terrorist groups and making false statements involving international terrorism. He allegedly trained on weapons and combat tactics in Syria, returning to Columbus with plans to attack a military base or prison.



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