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Kasich wants Ohio teachers to complete business externships

Feb 20, 2017 -- 10:49am

A provision in Gov. John Kasich's (KAY'-siks) budget proposal would require Ohio teachers to complete externships with a local business in order to have their licenses renewed.
     That renewal process generally occurs every five years.
     Kasich believes the externships would help involve businesses more in education.
     The Republican says too many high school graduates are pursuing expensive college degrees that don't prepare them for realistic jobs. He says that teachers gaining "on-site work experience" with businesses or local chambers of commerce would help better serve students for more 21st-century careers.
     The president of the Ohio Federation of Teachers says she thinks it could be a beneficial option for some teachers but would rather see it considered as a recommendation or best practice, not a mandatory requirement.

Jackson Township man found dead at park

Feb 20, 2017 -- 10:38am

Authorities are investigating the death of a Jackson Township man whose body was found Sunday afternoon off the Sippo Valley Trail near Bottoms Park in Massillon. The 33-year-old man was found dead under a trail bridge by a member of a volunteer search party. A family member had reported the man missing Saturday, and police and volunteers initiated a search effort that day. The Stark County Coroner's Office says the man likely died late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. Officials believe the man took his own life. The man's name has not yet been releas

Gun tattoo tips off officers

Feb 20, 2017 -- 8:50am

The FBI says police officers working security at the entrance to Cleveland City Hall have arrested a suspect in a pair of bank robberies after spotting a gun-shaped tattoo on the man's face. The 31 year-old man was arrested after he tried to enter City Hall to get a copy of a birth certificate. Officers recognized the man and the gun-shaped tattoo beneath his eye from a photo the FBI released early last week.

2 Ohio counties plan to use electronic poll books this year

Feb 20, 2017 -- 8:31am

Election officials in two major metropolitan areas in northern Ohio plan to begin using electronic poll books this year, joining more than two-thirds of Ohio's 88 counties in making the switch from paper lists to check in voters. The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections recently voted to purchase 1,450 electronic poll books from a Florida company. The board plans to phase-in the use of poll books starting with the May 2 Primary Election. The Lucas County Board of Elections is set to vote March 3 on which of two computer tablet vendors it will use for its 550 computer tablets. The board aims to use the machines in the Toledo municipal primary Sept. 12. Sixty-one percent of Ohio's counties have implemented electronic poll book technology so far.

Ohio lawmaker seeks ban on suspending young students

Feb 20, 2017 -- 8:18am

An Ohio lawmaker is considering legislation to ban suspensions and expulsions of students in the third grade or younger unless a student threatens harm. State Sen. Peggy Lehner, a Republican, who leads the Senate education committee, says a better alternative for suspensions is training teachers how to de-escalate behavior. Data shows there were more than 17,000 suspensions or expulsions in preschool through third grade for disobedient or disruptive behavior in Ohio during the 2015-2016 school year. Lehner is seeking input from teachers and school officials before moving ahead with her proposal.

Massillon man killed in an early morning crash

Feb 20, 2017 -- 8:01am

A 27 year-old Massillon man was killed early Sunday morning in a single-vehicle crash on Wooster Street NW. Cody Mishler was driving an SUV on Wooster Street just after midnight when he lost control and crashed . His vehicle overturned several times. He was thrown from the vehicle. Mishler was pronounced dead at the scene due to injuries from the crash. Alcohol is believed to be a factor.

UPDATE: 1 dead in Kent hostage situation

Feb 20, 2017 -- 7:34am

A man has died following a hostage situation with Kent police yesterday. Police say the male suspect took a woman hostage in the laundry room at the Villages of Franklin Crossing Apartment complex on Silver Meadows Blvd. The situation began around 12:30 pm Sunday and authorities tried to negotiate with the suspect. At about 9 pm the standoff ended. Police say the suspect was deceased and the hostage was taken to an area hospital. She was not injured.

Ohio lawmaker seeks ban on suspending young students

Feb 20, 2017 -- 7:02am

An Ohio lawmaker is considering legislation to ban suspensions and expulsions of students in the third grade or younger unless a student threatens to harm.
    The Cincinnati Enquirer reports  state Sen. Peggy Lehner, a Republican who leads the Senate education committee, says a better alternative for suspensions is training teachers how to de-escalate misbehavior.
    Data shows there were more than 17,000 suspensions or expulsions in preschool through third grade for disobedient or disruptive behavior in Ohio during the 2015-16 school year.
    Lehner is seeking input from teachers and school officials before moving forward with her proposal. While local education officials agree that early grade suspensions and expulsions should be rare, most are against a state-imposed ban and prefer that discipline policies be left up to each school district.

Ohio to auction off items from abandoned safe-deposit boxes

Feb 20, 2017 -- 7:02am

 Ohio will hold an auction of items that were taken from about 1,000 abandoned bank safe-deposit boxes and turned over to the state.
    The Columbus Dispatch reports  that it will be the first such auction Ohio has held since 1998.
    The two-day auction is set for Feb. 23-24 at the Apple Tree Auction Center in Newark. Among the items up for bid are U.S. gold coins, silver dollars, foreign coins and currency and 38 100-ounce silver bars. The state has owned some of the items since 1968.
    The auction center will earn 15 percent of the proceeds. Co-owner Sam Schnaidt says he expects 40 to 50 bidders to attend the auction while another 150 or so will register to bid online.

Police identify teen victim in shooting

Feb 20, 2017 -- 6:54am

Cleveland police have identified the victim of a fatal shooting at a school playground.
     Officials say 17-year-old Devin Price, of Cleveland, was shot in the stomach around 6:15 p.m. on Sunday. Cleveland.com reports (http://bit.ly/2lBjVIw) that Price was rushed to University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center where he died.
     Authorities say no arrests have been made. Police have not released any other details about the shooting.

Pilot killed in small plane crash in Ohio

Feb 20, 2017 -- 6:51am

The pilot of a small plane has been killed in a crash in Ohio.
     The Ohio State Highway Patrol says the plane went down in a field Sunday afternoon near Interstate 70 in Harmony Township in Clark County. The 25-year-old unidentified pilot was killed.
     According to Federal Aviation Administration records, the plane is listed as an experimental, amateur-built aircraft.
     It's unclear what led to the crash. No other information was immediately available.
     The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating.

Lawmakers act to nix impact of Ohio court ruling on cocaine

Feb 20, 2017 -- 6:41am

Ohio lawmakers are moving quickly to override a state Supreme Court ruling that prosecutors fear could delay and shorten sentences for suspects caught with cocaine.
    The state Senate is expected to take up the legislation that deals with the weight of the cocaine in drug cases after lawmakers in the House unanimously approved the proposal this past week.
    It would allow sentences to be based on the entire weight of the cocaine, including filler material such as baking soda, instead of the amount of pure cocaine.
    The Ohio Supreme Court in late December ruled that the sentences must be based on how much pure cocaine the suspects had.
    The state Attorney General's office says only two states, New York and Georgia, require purity tests for cocaine in some cases.

Kasich says phasing out Obamacare "makes no sense"

Feb 20, 2017 -- 6:27am

Ohio Gov. John Kasich says he supports repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act but thinks a plan floated by Congressional Republicans last week to phase out the expanded Medicaid program that's providing health care coverage to previously uninsured Ohioans is a "very bad idea."
    Kasich's comments came during an appearance Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union" broadcast from Munich, where he's attending an international security conference.
    He says one-third of the 700,000 Ohioans who have gotten medical coverage under the expanded program have mental health and substance abuse problems and "to turn our backs on them makes no sense."
    Kasich also defended the role of the free press two days after President Donald Trump called the news media "the enemy of the American People!" on Twitter.

Kent hostage situation turns deadly

Feb 20, 2017 -- 6:19am

A man has died following a hostage situation with police in northeast Ohio.
     Police say the male suspect took a woman hostage in the laundry room of an apartment complex in Kent around 12:20 p.m. on Sunday. Authorities say police and SWAT teams evacuated the complex after they responded to an emergency call.
     Officials say crews tried to negotiate with the suspect for hours to no avail.
     Police say the standoff ended around 9 p.m. Officials say the suspect is now dead. Police did not disclose how the man died.
     Police have not identified the suspect.
     Authorities say the female hostage was taken to an area hospital. Police say she was not injured.

Public can see presidential aircraft at Ohio museum

Feb 20, 2017 -- 6:01am

 Former Air Force One crew members and security personnel along with other experts will be on hand to talk with visitors at an Ohio museum's collection of presidential planes.
    The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force says a retired pilot and flight attendant are among those who will interact with visitors Monday on Presidents Day. The museum near Dayton includes aircraft dating to those used by Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower.
    Visitors can board and walk through the famed plane that served eight presidents. The SAM 26000 carried President John F. Kennedy's body back to Washington after Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as the new president aboard the plane following Kennedy's assassination in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.

Women Caught with Cloned Credit Cards

Feb 18, 2017 -- 11:26am


Had it not been for one of them speeding, there's no telling how many bogus purchases they may have rung-up. A State Patrol trooper stopped a car with heavily-tinted windows after the driver was caught speeding at Cleveland Avenue NW and Hoover Place in Canton on Friday afternoon. The trooper then caught a whiff of marijuana inside and the search that followed found the two women in the vehicle holding 47 cloned credit cards. Authorities say the women racked-up nearly 34-hundred dollars' worth of purchases with the bogus cards. A 22-year-old Canton woman and 24-year-old California woman were busted on the scene.



Stark County Implements Good Samaritan Law

Feb 18, 2017 -- 10:44am


The Stark County Sheriff and Prosecutor's offices have announced implementation of a “Good Samaritan Law,” which provides immunity from prosecution to people who report a heroin overdose. The agencies made the announcement this week, saying those who overdose will also be provided immunity when someone calls-in such an incident. There's a catch, though, as anyone who chooses immunity will be subject to an immediate drug screen and must submit to follow-up screening within 30 days after they're notified by the Prosecutor's office. Authorities say that in addition to prosecuting those who are pushing the drugs on the streets, they want to be sure those in need of detox can get help. Immunity can be granted more than once, but is not available to people who've been previously convicted for drug trafficking.



Jury Convicts Accused Killer

Feb 18, 2017 -- 10:43am


A jury in Mahoning County Court on Friday returned guilty verdicts against the second of three co-defendants in a Youngstown murder trial. 21-year-old Jason Heard was convicted on charges of complicity to aggravated murder and three counts of complicity to attempted aggravated murder, stemming from the November 14, 2015 shooting death of 33-year-old Thomas Owens of Burbank Avenue in Youngstown. The shooting happened as the victim was sitting in a car with three other men on East Myrtle Avenue. Investigators said that Owens was targeted for a hit because he was blamed for the death of an uncle of one of three accused killers. 22-year-old co-defendant Leonard Savage was sentenced to life in prison with a chance of parole after 35 years last month for his role in the crime. Sentencing for Heard will happen at a later date.



Gas Leaks Everywhere at Scene of Fatal Blast

Feb 18, 2017 -- 10:42am


The issue of leaking gas lines in a Medina apartment complex is alarmingly worse than originally reported. The Medina Gazette reports that more than 80 leaks were found among at least 45 units in the 10-building complex known as Medina Village Apartments on Springbrook Drive. Fire crews called back to the complex on Wednesday about a smell of gas began going unit-to-unit to conduct inspections in the remaining apartments, where a February 9 explosion killed 18-year-old Jacob Drake and sent his parents to a Cleveland hospital with burns over 80-percent of their bodies. Eight families were left homeless after the explosion and fire that caused a building to collapse and crews are now in the process of repairing the leaks that were found this week.



OH Health Care Appeal Rejected

Feb 18, 2017 -- 10:41am


Ohio's lawsuit challenging health care taxes imposed on state and local governments has been shot-down in a ruling by a Federal appellate court. The lawsuit filed in 2015 by State Attorney General Mike DeWine's office had argued there was no precedent to allow the Federal government to collect 6.25-Million dollars in 2014. The suit said there was no language in the Affordable Care Act that allowed the government to take the cash from lower-tier entities. The Sixth US Circuit Court of Appeals disagreed, issuing a ruling on Friday that said the tax was a Constitutional move. The AG's office is mulling another possible appeal.



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