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Babysitter gets Life Sentence for Infant’s Death

Feb 16, 2019 -- 11:37am


A man who was convicted on charges in the death of a one-year-old girl was back in Cuyahoga County Court on Friday, when he was handed a life prison sentence for the child’s death. 20-year-old Tariq Debardeleben was convicted Friday morning by the jury that heard his case…finding him guilty on charges of murder, reckless homicide, felonious assault and child endangering while acquitting him of an aggravated murder count. The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s office ruled the August 26, 2017 death of Morgan Dilliard a homicide, due to blunt force trauma...although he had claimed she was taking a bath and was found limp in the tub when he went in to check on her while babysitting. Debardeleben won’t be eligible for parole until he serves at least 15 years in prison.  



Apartment Building Burns in Akron

Feb 16, 2019 -- 11:36am


Flames left extensive damage to a two-story apartment building on the south side of Akron on Saturday morning. Crews responded to the scene in the 1100 block of Victory Street near Summit Lake, arriving around 5:20AM to find flames coming from the upstairs windows in the rear of the structure. An aerial unit was called in to put water into the building and crews maintained a defensive attack until the flames were under control around 6:05. No injuries were reported and the cause and damage estimates were not provided.



Election Committee Treasurer Accused of Theft

Feb 16, 2019 -- 11:36am


The treasurer for the re-election of US Representative Dave Joyce has been accused of stealing Thousands of dollars from the campaign. Joyce’s re-election committee lodged the allegation against Highland Heights Mayor Scott Coleman, claiming he ripped-off more than 80-Thousand dollars through unauthorized ATM withdrawals from the campaign fund between 2015 and last year. The claims were investigated by the Geauga County Prosecutor’s office, which obtained bank surveillance photos to confirm the transactions that were made on the campaign’s accounts. Coleman also reportedly got cash back at a teller window when depositing campaign checks, signing-off on four-Thousand dollars’ worth of cash withdrawals. The findings have been sent to the Federal Elections Commission.



Community helping out Portage County deputy who was set on fire

Feb 16, 2019 -- 6:01am

The Portage County sheriff's deputy who remains hospitalized after being set on fire while trying to arrest a fugitive Thursday evening is expected to recover. Sheriff Dave Doak said Sgt. James Acklin suffered burns on about 20 percent of his body, mostly hands and arms. Doak said Acklin is just 70 days away from retirement. The community is rallying together to support Sgt. Acklin. The Rootstown Township Lyons Club will be collecting donations and 100 % of those donations will go to Sgt. Acklin's family. I have posted all the information on our website.

Checks can be made to Rootstown Lyons Club and mailed to :

PO Box 132

Rootstown 44272


They are also planning a fundraiser.

Prosecutor: No charges in police officer's death

Feb 16, 2019 -- 5:02am

(AP) - An Ohio prosecutor has decided against charging the driver of a pickup truck that struck a police officer who died.
    Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters (DEE'-turs) said Friday that no evidence was found to indicate speed or impairment was involved in the accident, which occurred on a rainy night Jan. 4. Colerain Township officer Dale Woods died from his injuries three days later.
    Colerain Township police say the 46-year-old father of three was hit while helping control traffic while emergency crews responded to a car that had struck a pole. Woods was hit by the pickup as it approached the accident scene. Authorities didn't identify the driver.
    Police say Woods was wearing a reflective vest when he was struck. He was a 15-year veteran of the suburban Cincinnati police department.

Search Warrant Sought Criminal Evidence against County Leader

Feb 15, 2019 -- 3:45pm


Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish called the raid on his office “a political attack,” but the language in the search warrant executed this week indicates that something more sinister might be involved. The Plain Dealer reports that Ohio BCI and FBI agents who went into the office on Thursday were reportedly looking for evidence of corrupt activity, civil rights violations, extortion and other criminal activity. The search was conducted after a Grand Jury issued an indictment against three members of the administration – including Ken Mills, the Director of the County Jail…which has been the target of several complaints about mistreatment of prisoners. The US Marshals Service issued a scathing report last year, saying that prisoners at the county lock-up are subjected to inhumane and deplorable conditions.



OH Mayor Resigns, Pleads Guilty Amid Scandal

Feb 15, 2019 -- 3:34pm


Drowning in a public corruption investigation, the Mayor of a popular resort island on Lake Erie resigned this week and on Friday, the Ohio Attorney General announced that the man has pleaded guilty. Put-In-Bay Mayor Bernard McCann made it official this week, announcing his decision to step-down while denying the allegations leveled against him in a Grand Jury indictment. McCann had claimed there’s no evidence to support the four felony and two misdemeanor charges that were lodged against him in the October indictment. However on Friday, the Attorney General’s office announced that McCann agreed to a deal with prosecutors...pleading guilty to a pair of counts of conflict of interest in a public contract. Following a year-long investigation, the Attorney General’s office alleged the 82-year-old Mayor used his position to land a water line project for a business associate. The scandal also led to the indictment of the former Fiscal Officer for Put-In-Bay and two of the Mayor’s family members, who were employed by the village.



Two Metro Bus Drivers Have Much in Common

Feb 15, 2019 -- 3:26pm


A pair of drivers for the Akron Metro Transit Authority have quite a bit in common. It’s been almost 30 years since Reggie McGuire filled-out his application to join the staff of transport pilots and his then-girlfriend, Martha, became impatient waiting outside for him…so, she decided to fill-out an application of her own. Having since gotten married, the McGuires have now logged more than 50 years of combined safe driving. METRO says that Reggie recently completed his 25th consecutive year of happy motoring for the agency to join his wife among those with such a record. Both are among a total of 10 METRO pilots winning safe driving awards for 2018. Martha says defensive driving is the key…being alert, slowing down and paying attention to the road ahead. They didn’t mention which of them does the lion’s share of the driving when they tool-around in the family vehicle.



Barberton Jail to Remain Open — For Now

Feb 15, 2019 -- 3:18pm


Just ahead of a planned shut-down of the City Jail in Barberton, a deal has been worked-out to keep the facility operating for the time being. The city announced this week that an agreement was worked-out following negotiations with Municipal judges, the City Law Director and their counterparts in Norton to stave-off the initial plan to shutter the facility on Saturday. The current agreement is temporary as officials work toward a more permanent solution…but Norton has reportedly agreed to pony-up more funds in order to hold prisoners in the lock-up. Barberton had planned to close the seven-cell Jail as part of a larger plan to close a budget deficit of more than two-Million dollars.



Man Stabs Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Feb 15, 2019 -- 2:44pm


It’s a Valentine’s Day that a 25-year-old Akron woman won’t soon forget. The young woman was inside a car near I-76 and Inman Street on Akron’s east side on Thursday afternoon when she got into an argument with her boyfriend…who allegedly drew a knife and began stabbing and stashing at the woman. Police met the victim at a home along Middlebury Avenue to take the report and sent her to City Hospital for treatment. 28-year-old London Vinson of Storer Avenue in Akron was arrested on charges of felonious assault, aggravated menacing and a misdemeanor charge.



PC Judge Pleads Guilty

Feb 15, 2019 -- 2:44pm


A Portage County Common Pleas judge appeared before the bench in Municipal Court in Kent on Friday, apologizing and pleading guilty to drunk-driving charges following a weekend incident. Judge Becky Doherty of Edinburg got a suspended 180-day jail sentence, a fine of more than one-Thousand dollars with 700 of that suspended and a one-year suspension of her driver’s license. She was arrested on Sunday night in Brimfield Township, where the SUV she was driving went-off the side of the on-ramp to I-76 East from State Route 43. Responding police noted she was under the influence at the time and she refused the sobriety test. Conditions of her suspended sentence and fine include no alcohol violations for the next two years and completion of a Driver Intervention Program.



Suspect Busted after Hold-Up at Gas Station

Feb 15, 2019 -- 2:43pm


A suspect accused of holding-up a man at a gas station was quickly arrested by Akron Police. The victim was approached while in the parking lot of a station along the 1500 block of South Hawkins Avenue and was approached by a man who demanded his wallet. After going through the victim’s pockets to get cash, insurance and ID cards, the robber jumped into the back seat of a waiting car and fled the scene. Police pulled-over the suspect’s vehicle near Spring Hill Apartments and found 39-year-old Julian Smith with the victim’s cash, wallet and a crack pipe in his possession. He was booked on charges of robbery and possession of a drug abuse instrument.



Man Pops-Off Rounds, gets Arrested

Feb 15, 2019 -- 2:42pm


Akron Police took a man into custody late Thursday night after he apparently had a few rounds of drinks and decided to squeeze-off a few rounds from a firearm, to boot. Officers responding to a report of shots fired rolled-up to a home in the 1000 block of Beardsley Street on the south side around 10:30, where they found a number of shell casings in the back yard. Questioning the man at the house who appeared to be intoxicated, he told them he fired rounds into the air to try-out the weapon he had just bought. Police confiscated a nine-millimeter handgun and arrested 43-year-old Tiant Thompson on counts of firearms discharge and use of weapons while intoxicated.



Three Killed in OH Crash

Feb 15, 2019 -- 2:42pm


The crash of an SUV in Ohio’s capital city claimed the lives of three people on Friday morning. Columbus Police got a 911 call reporting the wreck that happened shortly before 7:30AM and arrived along McKinley Road near Trabue Road on the west side, where the mangled vehicle had stopped near a set of railroad tracks. All three men who had been inside the vehicle were thrown from their seats. Investigators say the evidence shows the SUV was traveling north at a high rate of speed when it went out of control, flipping and scattering debris over a stretch of some 50 yards. Among the items collected from the scene was a large amount of cash that was found on the ground and blowing-around in the wind.



Old Tallmadge School to be Demolished

Feb 15, 2019 -- 2:41pm


The wrecking ball will soon reduce an old school building in Tallmadge to a mere pile of bricks. City officials determined the best course of action for the former Tallmadge Middle School building along North Avenue is to have it demolished…and work to complete the plan is due to begin soon. There had previously been a plan to convert the structure into a day care facility…but that idea fell by the wayside as other development nearby continued to move forward. Officials say that the 85-hundred square foot building that dates back to 1911 has fallen into disrepair and is now a safety hazard.



Deputy Remains Hospitalized after Being Set Ablaze

Feb 15, 2019 -- 2:39pm


A Portage County Sheriff deputy remained in the Burn Unit of Childrens Hospital in Akron on Friday, having been rushed there after he was set ablaze when he and other lawmen showed-up to serve an arrest warrant in Rootstown on Thursday night. The Sheriff’s office reported that Deputy Sgt James Acklin was among those who rolled-up to a home in the 3900 block of State Route 44 around 6:45PM…and as they entered a garage to confront 49-year-old Jay Brannon, he allegedly ignited a container of flammable liquid that he threw at them. Acklin was engulfed in flames from the fireball and suffered severe burns. While some of the officers on the scene tended to the deputy to put-out the flames, others corralled Brannon. Portage County Sheriff Dave Doak said that Sgt Acklin was listed in stable condition at the hospital on Friday afternoon with second- and third-degree burns to more than 20-percent of his body. The flames were contained to the garage and two deputies on the scene were treated for smoke inhalation. Sheriff Doak says that Brannon is now charged with five counts each of attempted aggravated murder and arson. He allegedly made threats to kill officers and demanded they shoot him during the confrontation. Brannon's bond was set at one-Million dollars during a friday court appearance. 



Family Sues University over Hazing Death

Feb 15, 2019 -- 2:38pm


A wrongful-death lawsuit has been filed in connection with the death of a fraternity pledge at Ohio University in Athens. The family of 18-year-old Freshman student Collin Wiant filed the suit this week in Athens County Court, accusing the fraternity of extensive physical and mental hazing as part of a pledge ritual at the school. Allegations include claims that Wiant was beaten with a belt, pelted with eggs, deprived of sleep, forced to take drugs and drink a gallon of alcohol within a one-hour time frame. The litigation says that Wiant died November 12 last year of asphyxiation due to ingestion of nitrous oxide that was forced on him by the fraternity members. The suit demands a minimum of 25-Thousand dollars in damages from Sigma Pi Fraternity at Ohio University and its national office, based in Tennessee.



OH Gov wants Change to Arrest-Warrant System

Feb 15, 2019 -- 2:37pm


Governor DeWine this week signed an Executive Order, creating a task force that will review the current system of issuing and serving arrest warrants in Ohio…and he wants a recommendation from the panel in short order. The Governor issued a statement in which he said that new warrants are issued each day that pile-up on top of an ever-growing backlog of old, unserved warrants. DeWine said that it was impossible for law enforcement to keep up with what he called an “overwhelmed system,” creating a situation that threatens the safety of residents and communities. A recent study found that over 300-Thousand open-warrant cases are active in the six largest urban counties in Ohio. That number includes more than 23-Thousand warrants in cases that involved violence or weapons. DeWine told the panel to deliver its findings to the offices of the Governor, the State Attorney General and the Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court before June 3.



New Lawsuit Filed over OH Abortions

Feb 15, 2019 -- 2:37pm


Yet another lawsuit has been filed over the issue of abortion here in Ohio. Planned Parenthood and other supporters of abortion rights filed litigation over a new state law, one that bans the abortion method known as “dilation and evacuation.” The practice is the most common method of abortion for women in the second trimester. The litigation filed this week in US District Court listed Planned Parenthood and others as Plaintiffs – including a doctor and the Women’s Med Center of Dayton…asking the judge to block the new law from going into effect and declaring it in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment right to privacy. Evolving from Senate Bill 145 that became known as the “Dismemberment Abortion Ban,” the General Assembly passed the measure in December and it was signed into law by Governor Kasich within days – leveling felony charges against any doctors who perform the procedure in the future.



OH Mayor Resigns Amid Scandal

Feb 15, 2019 -- 2:36pm


Drowning in a public corruption investigation, the Mayor of a popular resort island on Lake Erie has resigned. Put-In-Bay Mayor Bernard McCann made it official this week, announcing his decision to step-down while denying the allegations leveled against him in a Grand Jury indictment. McCann claims there’s no evidence to support the four felony and two misdemeanor charges that were lodged against him in the October indictment. Following a year-long investigation, the Ohio Attorney General’s office alleged the 82-year-old Mayor used his position to land a water line project for a business associate. The scandal also led to the indictment of the former Fiscal Officer for Put-In-Bay and two of the Mayor’s family members, who were employed by the village.



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