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John "Couchburner" Denning


May 13, 2019 -- 10:37am

       Quite surprising news today, that the Cavs have hired University of Michigan head coach John Beilein as their coach.  Yikes!  Don't got me wrong, Beilein is a heckuva coach...at every level but pro.  High school and college, he's won 829 (?!) games.  He's also 66 years old, and it's his first foray into the NBA.  But the most amazing part, to me, is how the local media got slaughtered by a Woj-bomb from ESPN.  BTW I'm not a reporter, don't profess to be.  But the local papers all have beat writers, the Plain Dealer has three!  Add in The Athletic, radio stations, et al, and it's embarrassing.  While reporting on about 12 assistant coach interviews, the Cavs quietly  made a beeline for Beilein.  Get it?

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