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Jim Isabella



Nov 13, 2019 -- 10:49am

      The Houston Astros have been caught cheating, stealing signs during their 2017 championship season.  That cheating has probably become more rampant and more technical today.  Stealing signs is an art that goes back in baseball lore since at least 1900.  But MLB now has rules in place to harness modern technology, where hi-def cameras can pick up signs, spin rates, and more.  The Indians accused the Astros of cheating during the 2018 playoffs, where a Houston employee had a hi-tech camera next to the Tribe dugout.  At this level, this all goes to the "integrity of the game" issue.  The Astros are a smug organization that looks for every edge, but this crosses the (foul) line.  $10 million fine, and strip them of their title.  MLB won't do that, but it should.