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Mar 31, 2020 -- 10:14am

    Some actual sports news!  ESPN is running its much-anticipated documentary on Michael Jordan two months early.  We are desparate for sports, so "The Last Dance" will premier on April 19, instead of June.  Ten parts, 10 hours, about MJ's last championship season with the Bulls in 1998.  Yes.  You can debate whether Jordan or Lebron is the greatest NBA player of all time.  Most would vote MJ, there's no question his impact on the pro game is unparalled.  It's also a lesson on how difficult it is to win NBA titlles.  Jordan won six in Chicago, the Bulls have never been to the championship series without him.  Same for the Cavs, five appearances in the Finals, all with Lebron.  The Cavs have only been to the CONFERENCE FINALS once without LBJ! And they've been around 50 years!