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Apr 28, 2017 -- 11:01am

      Day One of the NFL Draft is in the books, and it looks like the Browns didn't completely mess up!  Yes that's how low the bar is set.  Of course we really won't know how anyone's draft stacks up until January...of 2019.  That's how these things work.  And it's dumb to put a grade on the Browns with two days and maybe six more picks to go.  Look I get tat the Browns didn't take QB Deshaun Watson at #12.  If you don't think he's that good don't take him.  Yes Watson beat Alabama.  Oooh Johnny Manziel never did that (oops yes he did).  Watson also lost to Pitt, and threw 30 picks (!?) the last two years.  The point being that we just don't know.  Cleveland could draft a QB this weekend, there may be another plan, there may be no plan.  Osweiler for 2017!!