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Apr 20, 2018 -- 10:53am

    Hey it's getting warmer.  Go outside.  Then come in and watch the Cavs play Indiana in game three of their playoff series.  BTW I flip back-and-forth with a meaningless April Indians' game, too.  But at 10 pm it's Blue Bloods (skewing older alert).  Anyway, this is not a must-win Cavs' game, because they get to play at least two more after Friday.  But they MUST WIN one of the two in Indy this weekend, so why not tonight?  Pacers fans are notoriously skeptical about their team, after all they've been in The Finals once, and that was 18 years ago!  So they'll be fired up this time, and so will their young team.  PACERS win game three, by 8