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The following is the hiring status for a variety of positions with WNIR-FM (Media-Com, Inc.) and WAOH-CD and W16DO-D (Media-Com Television, Inc.). Media Com, Inc. and Media-Com Television, Inc. are Equal Opportunity Employers, and do not discriminate in the hiring, training or promotion of employees by reason of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

To view the 2018 EEO Public File click here.


How to Apply:   Email your resume to billklaus@wnir.com or mail your resume to Bill Klaus, P.O. Box 2170, Akron, OH 44309 or fax your resume to Bill Klaus at 330-673-0301.


Sales:  Not currently hiring.  Resumes accepted for future reference.  Email to wnirradio@gmail.com.

Radio Announcers:   

Now Hiring Part-time Weekend Talk Show Host.  Email resume and MP3 audio file to wnirradio@gmail.com.     

News:   Not currently hiring.   Resumes accepted for future reference. 

Radio Production:   Not currently hiring.

Board Operators:   NOW HIRING.  Part-time positions available.

Engineering:   Not currently hiring. 

Administration:   Not currently hiring.

TV Jobs:   NOW HIRING.   The part-time positions available include: Camera Operators, Master Control Operator and Commercial Production.

Internships:   NOW AVAILABLE IN RADIO AND TV.   To inquire send your Name, Phone, Email Address, School Name, Area of Study and Time of Availability to billklaus@wnir.com.

Recruitment:   WNIR/W16DO-D are equal opportunity employers dedicated to providing broad outreach regarding job vacancies at our radio and TV stations.   We seek the help of local organizations in referring qualified applicants to our stations.   Organizations that wish to receive our vacancy information should contact Bill Klaus at the mail, email, phone or fax below:

  • Mailing Address:   P.O. Box 2170, Akron, OH  44309
  • Email Address:   billklaus@wnir.com
  • Phone:   330-673-2323 or 216-521-3529
  • Fax:   330-673-0301

Please provide your organization name, contact name, mailing address, email address, telephone number and fax number. Also provide which category or categories of vacancies for which you would like notification. You may list ALL if you have no preference.