Akron officer targeted

An Akron officer in a marked cruiser was shot at multiple times late Friday night. Police say, around 1120pm, an officer parked on South Arlington Street and East Archwood Avenue heard a gunshot, then moments later saw a silver Chrysler Pacifica speed past at a high rated of speed. He took off after the vehicle and caught up with the suspect vehicle at Reed Avenue and Clement Street. The vehicle then turned north onto Clement Street, stopped and appeared to wait for the officer to get closer. The occupant then fired several shots at the officer and took off. Police believe two high-caliber rifles were used, one an AR-15. Police say, when the officer again pursued the vehicle, a passenger fired more shots at him. Officers eventually lost sight of the vehicle on Kelly Avenue near Wyley Avenue. Neither the officer or cruiser were hit, but a parked car and a nearby home were struck by gunfire. No injuries were reported. No arrests have been made.