The Guardians should have an interesting offseason. After the disappointing way this season has gone, changes need to be made. It seems that Manager Terry Francona more than likely will retire. So after finding a new team leader they have to figure out how to upgrade this team and do it the right way. No excuses. I don’t want to hear the owners and the front office blaming this season on pitching injuries. That played a part, but any smart Guardians fan knows, it’s because this lineup cannot produce enough runs. The front office took a couple of bad swings last offseason and they both bombed. Middle School children could hit better than this outfield can. Same issue as always, will the Dolans finally spend some money on real players who can actually help or just continued to go after cheap rentals and washed up players. Until they actually make a BIG move I will never believe they have it in them. Which means next year might not be any better than this year.