A story came out yesterday that the owners of the Browns are looking into several other possibilities outside the City of Cleveland to build a new stadium. That is of course if the City and the Browns don’t come to an agreement on what to do with the current stadium before the lease is up. It’s reported that the Haslam’s are looking into 176 acres in Brook Park which is less than a mile from Hopkins airport. It’s not like this hasn’t happened before. The Cavaliers played for years in Richfield before moving downtown. This definitely brings the possibility of a dome stadium if they find an alternative place to play besides the Lakefront. People are already picking sides between just renovating the open air stadium they already have or building a new open air stadium or possibly a Dome. The Dome could open up the possibility of a Super Bowl or the Final Four, or other big events being played in the area. It’s going to be interesting to see where this goes. I’m all for the dome possibility, but others are not. We shall see which way this ends up going.