So the baseball season is off and running and when you look at all the predictions for the season, the Guardians are no where to be found. Not only do most experts think they won’t make the playoffs, some think this is a 4th place team in the division. We all know why. The owners once again spent another offseason sitting on their hands. The Guardians had 18 home runs from there 3 starting outfielder last season. 18 combined from 3 guys. And what did they do in the offseason, paid 4 million for a back up catcher and no outfielders. If they have any shot at all, it rests on the pitching holding up and not getting injured. Good luck with that. There’s a small chance it could turn into 2 years ago when they made the playoffs, but a better chance by June most fans will have moved on to the Browns. So get ready for a surprise season or one that’s more than likely a huge disappointment. Play ball!